OSVIT, Lidija Merenik

Who’s Afraid of Black and White

“There is a tendency to look at large pictures from a distance. The large pictures in this exhibition are intended to be seen from a short distance.”

If we cast even a cursory glance at the modern art, we shall discover, inside and around its bonds, numerous myths raised on a common foundation, that is on the discrimination of the media: from myths that take painters or the art of painting to be démodé to myths that only recognize the traditional media, like a painting, as real art and all others as naught, the case remains the same. However, there is a danger in the acquiescence of myths, it being their transformation into the criteria or factum according to which an artwork is either prized or discredited. Some artworks can clearly demonstrate that myths are not healthy: the essential-realistic content of an artwork is unrelated to the medium or technique used in its making, but close to the logic of transitivity… read more

COMPOSITIONS, Marta Vukotić Lazar

The Iconography of an Established Order of Facts

The artistic world of Snežana Vujović-Nikolić is a world of letters crystallized in shapes that continuously repeat themselves. These shapes are symbols: recurrent variations of profoundly personal messages that are arranged in such a manner so as to facilitate order and “readability.” Everything that is perceptible on her paintings – the colours, lines and compositions – has a symbolic nature… read more


Principle of Identity: Common formula for the principle of identity is ‘A’ = ‘A’. The principle of identity is accepted as the highest law of thought. This formula relies on equivalence. It defines ‘A’ as the same. In this way, the common formula conceals that what is intrinsic to the principle as such, namely that each ‘A’ is the same, which means that the apposite formula for the principle of identity ‘A’ is ‘A’ does not mean only that each ‘A’ is the same, but also that each ‘A’ is the same as itself… read more


The creative work of Ms Snežana Vujović Nikolić the artist has been unwaveringly following the same path since the 1980s, predominantly featuring the flippancy of the expressionistic, rapid, and purified, self-disciplined, geometrised approach in the medium of classical art and the painting as an object, having a stronghold in the abstraction, as the approach… read more